Why Are Bots Unable to Check “I Am Not a Robot” Checkboxes?


The dreaded reCAPTCHA text box has been hated by many. It exists to prevent spam submissions to websites. Over the years, the Google technology has evolved from entering text that was intentionally garbled to a checkbox that may or may not ask you to identify a traffic light or bicycle in an image. Released in October, 2018 [1] , reCAPTCHA v3 now skips the checkbox entirly. It only presents you with a challenge if it thinks you’re not real. This article explains the technology behind this aspect of the spam arms race.

Print to PDF on your newer iPhone (without extra apps!)

Have you ever had the need to make a PDF of a website but you were no where near a computer? If you have an iPhone with the Force Touch feature (iPhone 6s / 6s Plus or newer), you are in luck!

    1. Tap the Share Sheet icon:

    1. In the bottom row, select the print button.
    2. Force touch 2 levels deep on the print preview.

    1. Tap on the share sheet.  From here, you can send it anywhere you like: another Apple device via AirDrop, clipboard via Copy, Message, Mail, Notes, iCloud Drive, etc.

About This Site

Greetings! I was inspired to start this site when I realized that I spend a good portion of my day explaining complicated things to “regular” people; people that are just trying to use technology to accomplish their tasks. The topics began to repeat themselves. In an effort to save time, I started to write explanatory documents that could be quickly distributed. That is what I plan to continue here.  Allow me to introduce myself!

In my personal tech life, I’ve sometimes been described as an “Apple Freak.” I enjoy the walled garden—15″ MacBook Pro, 12.9″ iPad Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone [latest] Plus.  That’s not to imply I’m closed-minded.  In my 9-5 job, it’s mainly a Windows world.  I’m a part of a team that manages and maintains many Windows servers, thousands of Windows desktops, hundreds of thin clients, tens of iPads, and many, many printers. As complicated as all of that sounds, the hardest part is communication. Conveying a clear, honest message to someone is the key component. Good communication can leave the explainee feeling confident and more knowledgeable than 10 minutes ago. Anything less generally leads to frustration.

So that is my mission: to help people by providing the information they need. And right now, my Apple Watch is trying to give me a very clear message.

Apple Watch saying that it's time for bed